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In this short game, you control a dual-tasker named Zorc. He can only do two things at a time. But don't worry! With your help, I'm sure he'll get to where he needs to be.

This is my second time doing Ludum Dare (first was LD 33). I was trying to finish this for the compo, but I had to work so I'm submitting it to the jam instead.

I'm a bit of an audio guy, so that's where a lot of my focus was spent in this game (especially the sound design). Platformers are what I know when it comes to code so I just went with that again for this jam.

CONTROLS: LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to grab mechanics, SPACE BAR to open up mechanic menu and progress through story, 'Z' and 'C' keys to use mechanics, ESC key to restart level and quit the

Hope you enjoy my game!

Install instructions

Two options to choose from: ZIP or EXE. Also included is the GM project file.


ZORC.exe 12 MB
ZORC.zip 13 MB
ZORC.gmz 20 MB

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