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Ludum Dare 37 Submission

Locked away due to a terrible curse, an opportunity presents itself and the prisoner's "other half" realizes the chance for escape. Race to the top to become free again, or lock yourself away forever.

Has three endings -- depends on whether the prisoner, the beast, or both (at the same time) reach the top.

Created by Andrew Deem and Bez Imlay.

Made with GameMaker and GIMP.

Grandma Engine by Matt Thorson.

Didn't have time to do any audio work so we opted out of that. Barely finished this before I (Andrew) had to work, so there are a few knowable bugs. If you encounter one, please feel free to comment about it (would love to find more so I can fix them later). If you get stuck, just press R to restart from a checkpoint.



FearAndFreedom.exe 2 MB
FearAndFreedom.zip 2 MB
FearAndFreedomSource.gmz 405 kB

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