A downloadable game for Windows

Short game where you control yourself and your "other" self.

First time doing Ludum Dare. Also first time completing a game! :D I apologize for how short the game is. I'm currently couch surfing so I didn't have a lot of time to dedicate to a game.

The audio is very quiet. Sorry about that. Remember to turn down your volume when you are done!

Use Arrow keys to move. Tab to switch selves. Space is action button. Press up when next to an open door to progress. M = Mute. F = Full screen. Esc = Quit.

Made with Game Maker, Reason 7, Audacity, GIMP.

Install instructions

The .exe is what you need to run the game.

You can also use the .zip. Which ever is easier.

If you are interested in seeing the project file (it's very messy in there...), then download the .gmz.


Within.exe 8 MB
Within.zip 8 MB
Within.gmz 11 MB